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Recent Residential Projects

Ahlstedt proudly partners with local contractors to complete a wide range of projects.  We are well versed with:

All levels of finish from Orange Peel (Level 3) to Smooth Level 5.

Custom Framed Ceilings

Custom Drywall Trim Reveals

J & L Trim
Z Trim (Shadow Bead)

Stand Out Service

Unlike other drywall companies, we inspect each phase of drywall through hang and finish. Ahlstedt Drywall’s area managers will provide a courtesy pre-walk for every job before we start the drywall process. With this pre drywall walkthrough, we use orange paint to mark out all electrical outlets, lights, vents, and attic access to ensure that nothing is missed during the hanging phase.

The drywall hang walk is completed before we start the finish stage, making sure all items from the pre-walk are cut out while checking for unseen issues. Our area manager then completes a drywall finish walk with a light, checking the walls and ceilings for any imperfections.

As the final stages of the drywall process begin, our quality is not compromised. We guarantee a consistent finish is provided. If textured, all projects are sprayed with a 200-gallon spray rig. As we finalize our projects, we provide a complementary punch out service as a priority to all builders once all other trades have finished.